Feature Creep: Built-in Microwave; The Podcast

With a loose focus on design, and a heavy dose of absurdity, we discuss a variety of topics that we hope you will find relevant to your own life. Or, at least you might find them entertaining. Please enjoy.1

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Podcast: Monday, Oct 5, 2020

That One About The 80s Cartoons

Podcast: Thursday, Oct 1, 2020

Short, Logical Fallacies 2

Podcast: Monday, Sep 28, 2020

Designing Dystopias, Where Are We?

Podcast: Thursday, Sep 24, 2020

Short, Logical Fallacies 1

Podcast: Monday, Sep 21, 2020

A Litany of Human Indignities

Podcast: Thursday, Sep 17, 2020

Short, Mapping Prejudice

Podcast: Monday, Sep 14, 2020

Gullibility, The Barnum Forer Effect and Horoscopes

Podcast: Thursday, Sep 10, 2020

Short, Close Talking in the Time of Covid

Podcast: Monday, Sep 7, 2020

Designing Dystopia, My Dystopia is Better than Yours

Podcast: Thursday, Sep 3, 2020

Short, Encounter at Farpoint